It all started when…

Tuul is a family business established in 2016 in Estonia. It all started from an episode in the couples’ bathroom that was followed by numerous failed experiments of making natural perfumes for men. Back to the beginning, wiser and stronger, the first handcrafted series of grooming products was launched.

Founders Kädi Eelmaa and Kaarel Kala. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

Founders Kädi Eelmaa and Kaarel Kala. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel


And then

Came the need to grow. Together with organic skincare experts, Tuul Lab series was developed.

Putting high-quality natural ingredients and powerful extracts in tried and tested formulas, Tuul Lab offers a range of everyday essentials — shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste. All vegan and cruelty-free, not containing parabens, SLS, synthetic perfumes, salt and silicon.



Our goal is to simplify men’s life and make natural a new standard in mens’ cosmetics. Why? Because everything matters — how we think or move, what we eat or apply on our skin. Nature is the most powerful source, and with the rising awareness, Tuul meets the need to help you look good and feel good.

Your Skin, You Decide. High Quality Natural Skincare for Men


Our inspiration comes from the ugly, wet, cold, windy, yet beautiful Northen weather. Like seen in the award-winning video we made for limited edition collaboration with a rapper.

We are all for fun and creative solutions when it comes to collaborations. Like our Tuul Couples campaign.

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