Tuul Couples

Idea & photo shoot

Our latest campaign Tuul Couples is inspired by all the awesome women, who apparently have been using our products since we first launched. More precisely, the idea came from one of the couples you can see in the campaign pictures, when Helene Vetik posted an Instagram story after using her boyfriend's Tuul Lab black pepper & cardamom shampoo, stating that she can now smell like him without wearing his old T-shirt. We loved the statement, and took the idea further. We reached out to 3 creative couples, sent them a box full of goodies, Tuul Lab products, and a black and white camera, offering them a date night in with their other half. The results are here, and we are very excited to launch the campaign for everyone to get inspiration from. 

Photos by Helene & Madis, Gita & Anton, Kristel & Mattias. Thank you!

Campaign offer

Order 2x Tuul Lab black pepper & cardamom shampoos for you and your date, and get Tuul Lab deodorant for him free of charge. The offer is valid until Valentine's Day, February 14th 2018.